Our Mission is to create a Community-Centric Marketplace.

Our Guiding Principles

Start by giving back | OPC Health & Safety

Start by giving back

Imagine if even a tenth of 1% from every online transaction was donated to those less fortunate? From the estimated $4-trillion that was transacted online in 2020, it would provide more than $3-billion in assistance. 

1% of all profits from online sales revenues are donated to select charities and non-profits. As we grow in revenue, our contributions will grow incrementally to 1.5%, 2%, and ever upwards.

Support small business

Did you know that the Canadian economy has more than 1.18 million employers? Of those, approximately 97.9% are the small businesses that make up our communities.

Provide a centralized platform where any small business can sell their goods & services, gain instant visibility in their local communities, and have the opportunity to reach larger markets. 

Community-Centric | OPC Health & Safety Inc. | ABOUT US
Growth Through Integrity | OPC Health & Safety Inc.

Growth through Integrity

Consistency in everything we do, guided by our values, methods, and principles, will provide our customers with the experience they deserve and desire, resulting in continued growth. 

The highest level of integrity, honestly and morality

Extraordinary customer service

Constant, never-ending improvement

Promote goodwill, love of neighbor, family, and community.

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